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I gave up TPT. It is a fabulous site for teachers to sell their fantastic creations. I just don’t have the time to keep up on the upcoming site sales, sales tax collection issues, Easel, and All. The. Things. I also realized what I love most is when I can find free downloadable plans, resources, and ideas. I could make a few dollars, or I could just give stuff away. SO . . .

I’m adding my teacher creations to my blog. FOR FREE I plan to provide images of most of the pages so you can know what you’re getting. The links will be forced copies from Google Drive. I will also explain, in detail, how I use each resource in my ELA classroom.

As an appetizer, here’s one of my favorite resources: Rhetorical Analysis Placemats for Discussion.

I hope to upload one resource every other week or so until I get all my resources moved to my blog. If you believe this resource is valuable, feel free to Buy Me a Coffee. Enjoy!

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