Tech Review:

This fall, I tried using Flippety for vocabulary review. My students love this Google Sheets add on. I love it because I’m able to create a set of flashcards using several different colors of cards and fonts in minutes. This last week, I created a set of ten flashcards and posted a link in Classroom in less than five minutes. I’m pretty sure I heard music from heaven once I clicked the link to make sure the flashcards would work, and they did. Once I added the link to Classroom, my students had instant access to the flashcards.

Here’s the other great part of Flippety: they have more than flashcards! Their templates include crosswords, word searches, random name pickers, memory game, quiz show, bingo, hangman and more! It is easy enough to use that students could create their own cards (or other activities) in just a few minutes.

Here’s how it works: I add the add-on to my Google Sheets. Once added, I click the Flippety add-on, choose a template, fill out the Google Sheet, publish it (click file > publish), and click the Flippety add-on again and select URL. I can copy the URL link and share it in a webpage, email, Google Classroom, or however else I want to share a link. The student clicks on the link and, voila! they see flashcards, a puzzle, the quiz show, or whatever else I wanted them to use for review. Easy-peasy.

Bottom line: I recommend this add-on wholeheartedly. My students love how easy it is to review for weekly quizzes. I love how easy it is to use and how little time it requires from me. Win-win. Bonus: Flippety has tutorials, demos, FAQs, and trouble-shooting help.

What are some Google Sheets add ons you like?

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