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A Journey Into Techiness

16491939584_5416a41768_mLast summer, I attended a Google Apps for Education Summit (GAFE). The previous fall, our school made the move to becoming a Google Apps school. I will admit, my expectations were low. I had attended technology workshops by the dozen. Most of them were snooze-fests with a few pointers and useful information. I managed to snag a free registration to the GAFE Summit, so I went.

I. Was. Amazed.

I was just beginning my journey into the digital classroom. I mean a really digital classroom – not just using word processing and calling it digital. I decided that the last school year would begin my honest transition to a digitally enriched classroom.

I started out by adding Google Classroom. Yeah, I made some mistakes. But I learned. And I kept on learning. Then I started building quizzes with Google Forms. I added a student questionnaire about learning styles and strengths. I figured out how my students could edit PDFs (Hello, DocHub!).

Then, I added Google Draw, Easy Bib, Lucid Charts, and other Google Doc extensions. In the process of my learning, I noticed my kids were learning, too. They were eager to see what new thing I was going to use to help them learn. And learn they did. They became excited about writing, well at least more excited. Their grammar skills increased. They worked together and shared documents and helped each other. Synergy existed.

This year, I am pushing myself and my classroom a little more. Creating interactive digital notebooks has been my summer project. I cannot wait to see if my students like using them. My hope is their learning will increase and they will have some fun while working on them.

What are your favorite Google Apps and extensions?

Mrs. Amy

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