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Right Click Classroom

mouse-74533_1920Finding a blog title that was unique and still communicated the message I wanted was tough! Congrats to all you innovative bloggers who have snapped up some pretty cool names. *high five* However, I did find a name with some help from my friend and colleague, Tobie.

I wanted something that would communicate my journeys into the digital classroom realm. Right Click Classroom was perfect! It also reflects my alternative, at-risk students. A right click brings up a menu of several different options that just aren’t seen until it is clicked. For my kids, they need options. They need something different that usually isn’t on the basic education menu. When they are given those options, oftentimes, learning suddenly “clicks” for them. They find success and with effort and hard work, they have options for their futures they never dared to dream before.

So, welcome to the Right Click Classroom. My pledge to you is to be authentic. I plan to share what I learn along the way as well as tips and tricks as I discover them. I also plan to review products, software, and apps honestly. I may even throw in some classroom management tips that work in my alternative classroom.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Mrs. Amy


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